Next week, My Pillow CEO will launch his free-speech platform “Frank” that will compete with Facebook and Twitter social media monopolies. Now, the incredible patriot and proud American who’s also fighting election fraud in America, is taking on Amazon.

Amazon is a monopoly that is owned by Jeff Bezos, one of the wealthiest men in the world. Bezos also owns the far-left Washington Post, one of the top publications responsible for 24/7 attacks on Trump and his pro-American policies.

Mike Lindell is fighting back!

After he was canceled by retailers, Mike Lindell is starting his own online store:

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MyStore is going to rival Amazon, Mike says.

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Watch Mike talk about it on Steve Bannon’s War Room:

Business Insider has what Mike said:

“For years entrepreneurs and inventors have come to me with products and ideas. They don’t know how to market them, and I haven’t had the time to show them,” Lindell said in a video on the site.

“I am going to put vetted products from great entrepreneurs on here, like you see a sampling of them here today, that are going to change this country,” he continued.

“We’re finally going to be able to see these products and be able to get these great entrepreneurs, their great ideas, out to you, the public.”

The site also proclaims that there are “hundreds” of products coming soon, and it includes a link to a form for people to submit applications for “products ready for market.”

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