While grassroots Republicans are frustrated at underwhelming results in the 2022 midterms, Republicans still swept many local school board races and state-level education races.

In a sign of bipartisan frustration towards Democrat education policy, Republican Tom Horne was one of the few Republicans to win statewide in Arizona.

He unseated Democratic incumbent Kathy Hoffman to become the Superintendent of Public Instruction in Arizona, the top educator position.

In school boards where Republicans won a majority, many were quick to implement a conservative education agenda.

In the Berkeley County School Board in South Carolina, the school board voted 6-2 to ban Critical Race Theory in its schools at its first meeting with the newly elected school board.

The school board called Critical Race Theory “A worldview — that believes all the events and ideas around us in politics, education, entertainment and the media, the workplace and beyond must be explained in terms of racial identities.”

The Daily Caller Reports

After being elected to the school board on Nov. 8, six members endorsed by the parental rights in education group Moms for Liberty banned Critical Race Theory (CRT) and set up a process to eliminate sexually explicit books at their first meeting.

On Tuesday, the Berkeley County School Board in South Carolina passed a resolution 6-2 that prohibits CRT from being taught in the classroom and voted 8-0 to form a committee to review books that have been flagged for sexually explicit content. The board also voted 6-3 to fire the school district’s superintendent Deon Jackson and the district’s lawyer Tiffany Richardson.

“In the community many people know that these candidates support parental rights, but not only that, they support transparency,” Christi Dixon, the chair of the Berkeley County Moms for Liberty chapter, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “They want to make sure schools are safe. They want to make sure that financially [the school] is responsible with all the funding.”

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