The Biden regime’s first year has been an abject failure.  With the economy in a shambolic state, chaos at the border, and the President’s foreign policy consisting of a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and bringing us to the brink of war with Russia, the President has very little to brag about.  His Transportation Secretary, failed Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, has failed to do his part to fix the supply chain crisis.  One potential accomplishment him and Biden could have touted was the rollout of 5G across the country, but major industry leaders have already said that is failing as well.  The Daily Mail Reports

“The president of Emirates has slammed the 5G fiasco as the ‘most delinquent, irresponsible’ mess he has seen in his 50-year aviation career and has blamed the Biden administration and Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who failed to see it coming or prevent it.

AT&T and Verizon launched their 5G network across America on Wednesday morning, switching on 4,500 towers to bring faster wireless to their customers. They had to hold back on ten percent of the towers – 500 – that are near airports because the frequencies the towers emit could interfere with the signal on some planes.

The 5G frequencies that AT&T and Verizon are emitting from the towers is stronger than what is used in other countries, where 5G rollout has been a success. It has triggered travel chaos, with airlines canceling some flights due to safety fears then rushing to resume them once AT&T and Verizon agreed at the last minute to hold off on the airport towers.

On Wednesday, some airline passengers who were unaware of the fiasco showed up at airports ready to board their flights but were told they had been canceled.


Emirates on Tuesday canceled all of its flights to nine US cities, then brought some of the flights but not all back on schedule after the announcement. Dozens remain scrapped, along with flights by Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Air India and Delta.

In total, 239 flights to, from and within the US have been canceled so far. It’s unclear if all have been scrapped because of 5G, but the network launch is causing major issues.”

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