Don’t think for a minute this union-style Black Lives Matter/Occupy type “sit-in” wasn’t orchestrated in our Oval Office by our Community Organizer in Chief. Obama is desperate to pass gun control legislation before he leaves office. The Democrats who are occupying our House floor are only acting as puppets for his radical agenda. 

As California Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman spoke Wednesday evening during an unprecedented “sit-in” on Capitol Hill to demand a vote on gun control, Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) interrupted him, shouting: “Radical Islam killed these people!”
Sherman, a moderate Democrat from the San Fernando Valley, had joined several dozen of his party colleagues in a protest against House Republicans’ refusal to allow votes on several gun regulations — all of which had already failed in the Senate.

Though the bills have no chance of becoming law, Democrats hope to win at least one of the votes, which would enable them to argue that by voting Democrat this November, Americans could help them retake the Senate and pass new gun restrictions.

The protest was led by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who has long drawn on his history in the civil rights movement for partisan purposes, and who hinted last weekend during a Southern California visit that Democrats would “do something” big on guns.

The protest was also timed to coincide with, and drown out, a speech in New York by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Trump responded to rival Hillary Clinton’s attack earlier this week by criticizing Clinton for alleged corruption at the State Department and for her foreign policy record, while laying out his own alternative economic policies.

Rep. Gohmert began heckling Rep. Sherman during his speech — which was broadcast via Periscope by another Californian, Rep. Scott Peters of San Diego, in violation of House rules. At roughly 4:24 in the video below, Gohmert points to a poster of the victims of the June 12 terrorist attack and insists that radical Islam killed them — not the lack of gun control regulations.

Via: Breitbart News

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