We previously reported on some of the devastating effect of the democrat-proposed “Equality Act” that will have massive negative repercussions for colleges and minorities as well as females in general.  Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a vocal opponent of its unscientific lunacy.  Now, she is speaking out on the House floor.

(R) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene addressing the House regarding The Equality Act

“On International Women’s Day, I’d like to discuss the Equality Act.  The Equality Act has completely destroyed women’s rights.  It has taken away women’s rights in sports.  It has completely cancelled women.  And, I think it’s a terrible thing that’s happened in America to the women who have come so far…”

Luckily, some states like Mississippi are attempting to get out in front of this unconstitutional legislation in order to protect science and females from governmental oppression by the equality act.

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