Bread and Barley’s owner in Covina, CA, Carlos Roman, parked his truck behind the vehicle belonging to the public health inspector after he issued his restaurant a ‘Notice Of Closure’ order for defying COVID-related restrictions on outdoor dining.

Carlos Roman, who is clearly 100% fed up with California’s overreaching government destroying his business and his employees’ livelihood, can be seen in the video below admitting to a female police officer that he parked his truck behind the health inspector’s vehicle. “He wants to come in here and say nobody can work—well, then he can’t work either!” Roman tells the officer who’s pleading with him to move his vehicle, as she threatens to have his truck towed.

Mr. Roman explains to the police officer why he won’t move his vehicle, telling her, “There are consequences to every action.” He tells her, “I can’t pay the bills anymore!” adding, “My cook can’t pay his bills—He just had a baby!” he shouts at the police officer, asking her the government has threatened her job over the lockdown orders? As more police officers arrive, Mr. Roman explains that he’s been told that if someone is sitting on a bench in front of his restaurant, it’s his responsibility to tell them to leave.


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