The American Left would go nuts if our Obama agreed to do this…

Russian airmen have inscribed ‘That’s for Paris’ on the side of one of the bombs they plan to use against Isis in Syria.

A picture of the bomb was shared from the official Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in the UK.

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Over the last month, the Russian military has conducted bombing missions in Syria and fired multiple cruise missiles at the Isis stronghold of Raqqa.

This week, it was reported that Russia killed 600 Jihadis in a series of airstrikes.

Russia has vowed to escalate its military campaign against Isis in Syria after it confirmed the Metrojet airliner which crashed in the Sinai, killing 224 passengers, was brought down by a bomb.

However, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has previously criticised the strikes, saying they may have killed “several hundred” civilians. Via: Independent UK


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