This weekend, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) described the horrors currently happening at the United States southern border.

“This is not compassion. This is not humane. This is barbaric,” Senator Cruz describes Biden’s policies succinctly and truthfully as he weighs in on the cruel crossings.

Cruz described how women are given wristbands who are crossing the border to signify how “indebted” they are to the cartels trafficking them across the border.

He also highlighted the mass death incidents that have occurred near the border in the past month as dozens of migrants were found dead in an 18-wheeler truck that was illegally crossing the border.

Now, Cruz has proposed impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his criminal negligence in opening up our borders.


Breitbart Reports

The body bags are piling up. We saw just a few weeks ago, over 50 illegal immigrants in a tractor-trailer outside of San Antonio die of heat exposure, including kids as young as 13. Last year, we had a hundred thousand people die of drug overdoses with this fentanyl exposure explosion and the Joe Biden body bags keep getting worse and worse and worse.

And, Sean, the only good thing of all of this horror is its opening people’s eyes. I think November is going to be a red tidal wave. I think South Texas is going to turn red. And if and when Republicans retake Congress, I believe one of the very first priorities is that we should impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. I think the House will do that and the Senate needs to conduct a trial. We need to put on a trial and put on the evidence of the people that are suffering and dying as a result of Joe Biden’s dereliction of duty.

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