On October 7, Fake News CNN warned that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s chances of being re-elected was in jeopardy: On Wednesday morning, something no one thought would happen in 2020 did: The Cook Political Report, a leading political handicapping site, moved South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s reelection race against Democrat Jaime Harrison into its “toss-up” category — a move that speaks to how much danger President Donald Trump’s number one Senate ally is in.

“There has been no more surprising race on the Senate map than South Carolina. Even early this year, it looked like Sen. Lindsey Graham would cruise to re-election. Instead, the Republican incumbent finds himself in a tied race in both public and private surveys with challenger Jaime Harrison, who has proven to be perhaps Democrats’ best recruit and a fundraising behemoth.”
Which is all true. (at least according to Fake News CNN)

Was CNN so confident about Lindsey Graham’s Democrat challenger because of the staggering amount of money spent against him by Democrat billionaires?

Forbes– Idaho’s Frank VanderSloot, worth an estimated $3.5 billion, contributed $300,000 to a pro-Graham super-PAC named Security is Strength. Florida’s Laura Perlmutter, the wife of Marvel Comics king Ike Perlmutter, donated $250,000. Sandwich tycoon Jimmy John Liautaud, also of Florida, gave $150,000. Massachusetts shoe baron Jim Davis, of New Balance, contributed $100,000. In all, eight billionaires and their spouses gave about $1.1 million to the group during the first two weeks of October. At least $4 million more came from so-called “dark money” groups, which can funnel money into the political system without disclosing their donors.

The recent donations brought the super-PACs total fundraising to $10.9 million since the start of 2019. About 25% of that money is traceable to billionaires, none of who live in South Carolina.

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Unfortunately, for Democrat billionaire donors, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), has won his race and will hold his seat as the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison shattered congressional fundraising records, bringing in $57 million in the final quarter for his U.S. Senate campaign against Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham as the GOP tries to retain control of the chamber in the Nov. 3 election.

Democrat Senate candidate Jaime Harrison

Inquirer– Harrison’s campaign said Sunday the total was the largest-ever during a single three-month period by any Senate candidate. That tops the $38 million raised by Democrat Beto O’Rourke in 2018 in the final fundraising period of his challenge to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who won the race, and comes as other Democratic Senate challengers continue to rake in eye-popping cash against Republican incumbents.

Conservative Dana Loesch congratulated Senator Graham on winning reelection. In her tweet, she shared a video of Graham’s epic takedown of the Democrat Senators who tried but failed to destroy Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh.

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