Smug liberal newspapers and tv networks have paid a heavy price  for their criticism of Trump. Americans think of Trump as the underdog in this race and there’s nothing worse than piling on the underdog. For these liberal hacks who have been writing their leftist opinions as opposed to real news for decades, they’re about to find out what it means to be considered irrelevant by their former readers…

The subscription cancellations were coming every 10 minutes. Angry readers have been calling in droves. 

“We’re feeling the weight of our history,” Phil Boas, the editorial page editor of The Arizona Republic, said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. Until it endorsed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, the newspaper, founded in 1890, had never endorsed a Democrat over a Republican for president.

In endorsing Mrs. Clinton, The Republic’s editorial was, by any interpretation, scathing toward her opponent, Donald J. Trump. “Trump responds to criticism with the petulance of verbal spit wads,” the editorial says at one point. “That’s beneath our national dignity.”

The papers lay out different reasons for supporting Mrs. Clinton over Mr. Trump — his lack of political experience versus her established political career, his outbursts and insults versus her steadiness — and some are perhaps more repudiations of Mr. Trump than glowing endorsements of Mrs. Clinton, whose faults are also cited.

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For some readers, however, the endorsements proved a step too far. “Certainly, we’ve paid a price for our presidential recommendation,” Mike Wilson, the editor of The Dallas Morning News, told Poynter this month.

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Mr. Boas of The Arizona Republic said he expected “a lot of cancellations,” pointing to cancellations at The Cincinnati Enquirer, which like The Republic, is owned by Gannett.

But he said financial considerations were “never a factor” for the newspaper’s nine-person editorial board. “It was more of a curiosity,” he said. “We know we’re doing the right thing. We feel very good about this decision.” New York Times

Good luck with that whole “feeling good” thing when your paper is shut down because you can’t pay your liberal editors… 

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