Ten classified documents were found at the Penn Biden Center For Diplomacy And Global Engagement last November, six days before the Midterms; however, the story never hit the front page and is only now surfacing months later. The center functions as a think tank for Joe Biden and operates one mile from the White House. Although Donald Trump had the power during his presidency to declassify documents and had a standing declass in place for documents he brought home, Joe Biden, as the VP, did not have the same authority.

Trump and other Republican lawmakers are demanding an answer. Trump noted that his own home was raided by the FBI for having documents there. He asked,

“When is the FBI going to raid the many homes of Joe Biden, perhaps even the White House? These documents were definitely not declassified.”

Twitter lit up over the implications of the scandal. Chuck Callesto mentioned that it’s possible the documents were known about before the raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence.

He noted, “Joe DID NOT HAVE legal authority to un-classify anything as VP… This was KNOWN prior to MIDTERMS and possibly before TRUMP’S FBI RAID…Let than SINK IN for a few minutes…”



Calls to investigate why China was contributing millions of dollars to fund the Penn Biden Center came on April 22 amid Hunter Biden probes. According to public records, the University of Pennsylvania accepted $54.6 million from 2014 through June 2019 in Chinese donations. The center located in D.C. was to be led by Joe Biden, who was named as a professor at U Penn. Most of the donations came in after the school announced the creation of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.

Trump took to Truth Social to share his thoughts on the document exposure, calling out Biden’s financial relationship with China while comparing the laws governing his ability to declass information vs. Biden’s as Vice President.

“Wow! The Biden Think Tank is funded by CHINA!!! Also, a V.P. cannot Declassify documents which are covered by the Federal Records Act, which is Criminal and MUCH TOUGHER that the Presidential Records Act, which is NOT Criminal. A President, me, can Declassify. How much more information has China been given?”

Although Biden has not responded to questions about the documents, or the timing of the stories release, Attorney General Merrick Garland is having a US attorney in Chicago review the ten files discovered by Biden’s attorneys. The documents include classified materials and top-secret files labeled with the ‘sensitive compartmented information’ (SCI) designation, used for highly sensitive information obtained by intelligence sources.

However, the White House special counsel addressed the issue in a statement Monday, saying they were cooperating with the investigation:

‘The White House is cooperating with the National Archives and the Department of Justice regarding the discovery of what appear to be Obama-Biden admin records, including a small number of documents with classified markings.”

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