Although he did absolutely nothing to incite violence on January 6, the media, Democrats, and faux Republicans have been pushing a false narrative that somehow, President Trump is to blame for the siege of the Capitol building.

Last month, Just The News founder John Soloman warned that Democrat lawmakers were rushing to perform a “Drive-by impeachment,” saying there is much to learn about what really happened at the Capitol building on Jan. 6th.

Soloman explained that the Capitol Police, the NYPD, and the FBI all had prior warning about an attack that was planned on the Capitol, adding that the FBI even had intel about threats of killing cops.

Today, during the phony Trump impeachment hearing, President Trump’s lawyer, David Schoen, showed a video of Trump’s speech before the Jan. 6 Capitol riot where he told backers to “fight like hell,” explaining that there was nothing in his speech that incited the violence that took place at the Capitol building moments before Trump’s speech that took place over a 40-minute walk from the Capitol building, ended. The video revealed how the House impeachment managers and Democratic senators had made similar statements.

David Schoen blasted Democrats pushing for the bogus impeachment at the end of an 11-minute video featuring clips of each of them saying “fight,” the very word they accuse Trump of using to incite the riot on January 6.


When it was Trump lawyer Bruce Castor’s turn to speak, he destroyed the Democrats with this clip showing the lies behind the argument that Trump’s comments during his speech caused the Capitol riot:

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