On a network where you’d least expect it, CNN inadvertently exposed Michelle Obama as a divisive, spiteful wife of a community organizer who has learned absolutely nothing in her 8 years as America’s First Lady.

Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey in her final interview as our divisive First Lady,”Now we’re feeling  what not having hope feels like.” Sadly, for Michelle Obama “hope” for her is strictly based skin color.  When her husband Barack Obama was being received like a rock-star across America (by mostly white supporters), she admitted that she suddenly found herself feeling pride in America for the first time in her adult life. Now that Donald J. Trump is about to become our next President, she openly admits to Oprah that she’s lost all hope. Michelle has spent much of her 8 years as First Lady speaking about and obsessing over skin color. Many of the accusations she’s made about white people in America are inaccurate and divisive, yet she curiously depicts herself as a victim during her interview with Oprah where she whines that Americans accuse her of being, “An angry black woman.” Michelle never bothers to acknowledge that her hateful, racist rhetoric has helped to earn that title, and not the color of her skin.

Trump responded beautifully to her implied criticism of him by saying, “I assume she was talking about the past and not the future. I actually think she made that statement not meaning it the way it came out.” Ironically, Trump actually stepped up and saved her from making herself look like, “An angry black woman.”



Here’s Mooch speaking about Americans who don’t approve and criticize the way her husband has screwed up our nation, telling cheering supporters at the DNC Convention, “When they go low, we go high.” Of course, she and her husband have yet to prove that to be true.

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Watch that portion of her speech here:

Here is the video where Michelle tells a huge crowd of Obama supporters that, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am proud of my country.”:

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