Today was a historic day in Virginia, as Glenn Youngkin was sworn into office as the state’s next Republican governor and Winsom Sears became Virginia’s first black, female Lt. Governor.

The media mostly ignored their swearing-in ceremony, but for Virginia residents who’ve been living under the authoritarian rule of Democrat Governor (blackface) Northam, they certainly took notice when the new Republican governor restored freedom for citizens in Virginia.


Governor Youngkin’s first order of action on his first day in office was to sign 11 executive orders.

The executive orders signed by Gov. Youngkin includes banning CRT (critical race theory) in schools, ending the statewide school mask mandate, and rescinding the COVID jab mandate for state employees.

Here’s the list of executive orders:

  1. End the use of divisive concepts in school including CRT critical race theory.
  2. Empower parents to make the decision if they want their kids to wear masks (or not).
  3. Restore integrity and confidence in Virginia’s Parole Board.
  4. Investigate wrongdoing in Loudon County.
  5. Create a Commonwealth Chief Transportation Officer.
  6. Declare VA “OPEN FOR BUSINESS!”
  7. Combat and prevent human trafficking and provide support to survivors.
  8. Establish a commission to combat antisemitism.
  9. Withdraw from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Commission.
  10. Cut job-killing regulations by 25%.
  11. Restore individual freedoms by rescinding the vaccine mandate for all state employees.

Jackie DeFusco of 8 News tweeted the list.

Watch a jubilant Governor Youngkin sign the executive orders with his proud Lt. Governor Sears by his side.

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