Yesterday, 100 Percent Fed Up reported the assassination attempt on Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY), Republican candidate for Governor in New York, while he was speaking Thursday evening.

The attempt on Zeldin’s life happened as his Democratic opponent, New York Governor Kathy Hochul, encouraged her far-left supporters to show up to Zeldin’s campaign events and harass him.

Zeldin predicted shortly after the attempt that his attacker would be immediately released on bail, highlighting the ridiculousness of New York’s soft-on-crime laws and prosecutors.

His prediction was proven correct just hours later.

Zeldin channeled one of America’s great Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, and disarmed his attacker, who was wielding a knife.

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He then went on to finish his speech with poise and grace, just as Roosevelt did when a would-be assassin attacked him.

Breitbart Reports

Representative Lee Zeldin during the aftermath of the attack

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If you want to see grace under pressure, Lee Zeldin is your man.

Making a speech, having somebody attack you with a blade, deflecting said blade, and finishing your speech—that’s about as grace-under-pressure-ish as you can get. It’s exactly what Ernest Hemingway had in mind when he used those words, “grace under pressure,” to describe the essence of courage.

Furthermore, if you think that liberal anti-law and anti-order policies are a farce, the attack on Zeldin, a Republican member of Congress now running for governor of New York, is your proof.

As Breitbart News’ John Binder wrote of the Empire State’s turn ‘em loose policies, “New York’s no-bail law, every day, helps free an array of accused criminals.” Fact check: True. The “array of accused criminals” now includes Zeldin’s attacker.

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