America has become a global magnet for third world moochers. They come for our generous freebies. Word gets around and that it’s easy to enter America and once you get in you receive generous freebies compliments of the taxpayers.

What so many bleeding heart liberal Democrats don’t understand is that we can’t take everyone from the third world and not everyone is coming for economic migration. Some people are coming to hurt us. As much as the left wants to open our borders to everyone, not everyone is harmless…some who cross are terrorists.

CNN reported that there were 12 people who were caught crossing that are on the terror watch list in 2018. What about the terrorists we DON’T CATCH out of the 25,000 that crossed without being apprehended? Another statistic that is left out of the equation makes a big difference:

Both the official and DHS lists also distinguish between individuals on the terror watchlist and what the department calls “special interest aliens,” who come from hostile countries or ones with terrorist activity and take irregular routes to the southern border.
Nielsen said some 3,000 “special interest aliens” came to the southern border last year.

Deputy Chief Border Agent Raul Ortiz says agents have missed 25,000 illegal crossers due to lack of border controls like a border fence/wall and border agents.

He says there have been 120,000 apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley sector since October but there are 25,000 people “who have gotten away from us”.

“We actually don’t know who they are.” – Deputy Chief Border Agent Raul Ortiz

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“So far, here in South Texas, we’ve apprehended folks from 44 different countries. These are from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, you name it. We continue to see some increases in those numbers. Most of the people we apprehend are from Central America, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. But we do see folks from across the world, and probably, by the end of the year, I would venture to say that number, will get as high as 60 different countries we will apprehend people from.”


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“Those are the people who are trying to get away from our officers each and every day.”

“It is certainly a humanitarian crisis, it’s a border security crisis, but more importantly, it’s a policy crisis that needs to be addressed at the highest levels.”


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