In what has become known as the “Whipgate Hoax,” Customs and Border Protection concluded in a 500-page report released Friday that the border agents did not strike the Haitian migrants as they had been accused of doing. Instead, the agents were accused of using too much force and acting unprofessionally.

In September 2021, Joe Biden accused US agents of using horse whips on people and running them over and said the agents would pay for their actions.

Flores, who recently won her primary in Texas was quick to call Biden out for his false portrayal.

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Even Rep McCarthy said Biden owed the agents an apology.

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Despite being found not guilty, the agents have been referred for disciplinary action and have been on leave since September 2021.

Chip Roy criticized the decision to punish the agents, saying ‘this administration can’t miss a chance to destroy the morale of our overrun, hardworking Border Patrol for political gain, and it issued disciplinary action anyway to finish off one of the most despicable displays of leadership seen from any cabinet Secretary.’ And according to the Daily Mail, the Texas Rep said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas ‘doesn’t deserve to lead’ the DHS.

Greg Gutfeld also tore into the Biden Administration Friday.

“This is, you know, right up there with two plus two equals five and Orwell’s “1984.” It’s like “Yeah, we found nothing wrong, but you’ll be sentenced to five years of hard labor.” Well, no, it is, that’s the thing that I think should disgust everybody in terms of offensive language. The real offensive language was comparing border patrol to slave owners, to call and calling all of this, they used this language, this dramatic language “it’s horrific… it’s brutal… they will pay.” And it’s like that rash, hyper-dramatic tweet you put out that gets all the attention. And then when it turns out you’re dead wrong. The correction is just a little mouse squeak.”

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