Tactically equipped Border Patrol Agents were not allowed to go after gunman… blocked by local law enforcement

During the tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas Border Patrol and ICE agents arrived on the scene, specially equipped for situations like this, only to be stymied by local law enforcement.

Border Patrol agents outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

Arriving between 12:00pm and 12:10pm, the Border Patrol and ICE agents did not breach the classrooms until nearly 1:00pm–almost an hour after arrival.

Although the federal tactical team eliminated the gunman, it is possible that they would have been able to neutralize the situation sooner had they not been told to hold back by local law enforcement.

The local police have stated that their primary objective was rescuing the other students and teachers, however medical experts have stated that their delay may have cost the lives of more wounded children.

Additionally, law enforcement has stated that they did not go in for fear of their own lives and being shot, as another contributing factor.

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It is unclear why local SWAT did not respond to the call.

The entire situation with the active shooter was as difficult as it was tragic, with a very real risk to the officers’ lives as well as to the hostage students. Making the correct call would have been difficult, however many experts and grieving loved ones of the victims alike have expressed anger and outrage over the decision, believing that if law enforcement had acted sooner–or let the tactically equipped federal agents enter immediately, some of the carnage could have been avoided.

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