Ryan Girduaskey points out the flaws in the spending bill. The border security measures only incentivize the illegals to come to America. It’s a disaster.

The Uniparty of Republicans and Democrats betrayed America.

In addition to Girdusky’s “highlights”, another ten-page add-on to the bill nearly doubles the number of H-2B workers allowed to come into the U.S. This is horrible news for American jobs because these workers come in and typically replace American workers:

Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies reports:

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A huge increase in guest-workers. The current text would allow companies to import thousands of additional H-2B (non-agricultural low-skilled) workers by allowing the Secretary of Homeland Security to increase the statutory cap. In years past, Congress allocated 15,000 additional visa spots to the Secretary. This version is a bit different.

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Both parties are responsible for this disaster. If the Catch and Release policy isn’t dealt with, the invasion of America will continue.

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