Remember when Barack Obama was president — sorry if that stirs up any past traumas — and the White House released a story bragging about the massive number of letters he received and how he read 10 letters a day by regular Americans?

You can almost guarantee this was released with the sole purpose being to improve the president’s approval rating. The reality is, those letters were handpicked and likely didn’t contain hard questions or criticisms of any kind, especially seeing as how thin skinned Obama was when it came to critiquing his performance.

Let’s contrast that with the approach President Trump is taking. No silly claims about letters have been made public, yet, the current commander-in-chief is still answering letters by writing individuals back personally.

In fact, the president recently wrote back to an eight-year-old boy after receiving a letter from him about his sick father.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

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That’s what happened when Fore Putnam, an 8-year-old boy from North Carolina, wrote to say his father, Trae, was awaiting a new kidney after enduring dialysis treatments. Fore, with a bit of help from his grandmother, wrote three letters just before Christmas — to Santa, President Donald Trump, and Ivanka Trump, according to CBS News.

“My dad has been sick for a long time… I want him to get better, so he can get a job again so we can play,” Fore wrote. “My mom just left, so if my dad gets better, she might come back… Please help my dad for Christmas. That’s all I want for Christmas, and maybe one toy.”

Trump wrote back.

Dear Fore,

Thank you for sharing your story with me. I am so sorry to hear that your dad is going through a difficult time. It is clear that you care so much for him. I have shared your letter with my staff, and they are working to see what help they can provide.

I can tell that you are a brave young man with a big heart. I admire your determination to make sure your dad has the support and resources he needs to feel better. I hope you know how much joy and encouragement you already bring to him.

Mrs. Trump and I will keep you and your dad in our thoughts and prayers.

Trae Putnam spoke with CBS and stated the letter from President Trump gave him a lot of hope and that through the story of the letter being passed around social media, there have already been offers of help from folks around the country.

This is a classy act by President Trump, but unfortunately, the media is too busy analyzing every square inch of his life hoping to find some dirt that will get him ousted from office.

What’s truly amazing is that this little boy’s actions and Trump’s taking just a few minutes to write back may play a role in saving this man’s life.

What a nice change of pace from the typical news day, right?

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