Liberal rag GQ Magazine decided to stir it up in a very disgraceful way when they announced Colin Kaepernick as the “Man of the Year” for the magazine…Kaepernick has single handedly destroyed the NFL over the Black Lives Matter lie. Is this something to be rewarded for?

Kaepernick is a putz who was dropped from the NFL yet felt entitled to a spot on a team. He’s a NOTHINGBURGER ATHLETE who claims he’s protesting because of police brutality yet we know Black Lives matter was all a sham. The NFL is dying because of this man’s on-field protest that spread to all teams. Now we have half-empty stadiums and advertisers dropping support…Is this something to be rewarded for? We think not! Shame on GQ for riding on this bandwagon of faux protest.


Boycott GQ if you read it…It’s proving to be a one-sided liberal rag that even acknowledged jack wagon Stephen Colbert! They also claimed that Senator Rand Paul deserved the assault that broke his ribs…Yes, the tolerant left is at it again…

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Twitter exploded with negative comments about the former football player…Calling the powers-that-be at GQ “clueless”…

One of our Facebook followers said it best: I see Colin Kapernick was selected as GQ Magazines “Man of the Year”. On of the GQ writers also said Rand Paul deserved the beat down from his neighbor (Sen Rand Pauls neighbor, a devout liberal) broke several of Sen Pauls ribs and punctured a lung. The picture below is from the motocross track we started in 2000 in Sebewaing, MPX, where everyone knows we play the national anthem before we race, we ALL stand (if you can), and we respect the flag. Here are two young boys in the parts store who were looking around when the National Anthem came on at the track,the stopped shopping, talking and stood at attention with their hand over their heart and no adults around. It’s a good thing they have GREAT role models from motocross, family and friends..not NFL Players.


We say go one step further and boycott GQ just like the dying NFL. They only listen if you hit them where it hurts…in the wallet!

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