We’ve had this issue with this teen/hipster store in the last election but this is ridiculous! Boycott, Boycott, Boycott!

In the 2012 election, Urban Outfitters sold anti-Romney and Pro-Obama merchandise. They were even sued along with Nordstrom for their illegal use of the iconic image of Obama’s Hope picture:


Clothing retailer Urban Outfitters has entered the political fray and capitalized on the 2016 presidential election season with a wide range of anti-Donald Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton merchandise.
The retailer — which has courted controversy with some of its previous offerings — is selling anti-Trump pins, t-shirts and mugs featuring slogans including, “Vote Trump 20Never” and “IDK Not Trump Tho 2016,” while also offering pro-Clinton merchandise like the “Hillary Runnin’ Thangs Tour 2016” t-shirt.

The “IDK Not Trump Though” slogan started as a joke tweeted by comedian Dave Ross.

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Ross told CBS News he had already sold hundreds of “IDK Not Trump Tho” T-shirts on his website idknottrumptho.com, before Urban Outfitters contacted him about signing a major distribution deal.

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“Staples will print a custom campaign sign for $10, and I wanted one that made me laugh, and also express myself at the same time,” Ross said of his Trump-bashing political slogan.

Via: Breitbart

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