David Rubin of the Rubin Report tweeted a headline from the Washington Times about #Transgenders who came in first and second in a girls indoor track meet in Connecticut.  Along with the Washington Times tweet, Rubin offered “congratulations” to “Intersectional Feminists” (men who identify as women, for those of you who are not up on your current social justice warrior terminology) for defeating actual girls in a GIRLS indoor track competition in Connecticut this weekend.

It doesn’t matter if you identify politically as being on the right or left, this type of unfair competition is going to backfire in a very big way on the left, who continues to push the envelope over what is socially acceptable and what is morally incomprehensible.

President Trump’s outspoken oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who regularly posts videos of himself playing basketball and other sports with his daughters on social media, hit back against the celebration of men defeating women in sports. In his tweet, Trump Jr. spoke for a lot of people who are furious this injustice is happening to girls who train so hard to become top athletes, yet are being given a huge physical disadvantage when men who identify as women are allowed to compete against them.

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Trump Jr.tweeted: I feel so sorry for the young ladies who trained their whole lives to be the best in their state and to hopefully attain scholarships etc etc… this is a grave injustice.

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Yesterday, Nike tweeted an ad narrated by tennis legend Serena Williams. The ad, which feels like it’s talking to people three or four generations ago, features emotional (mostly) female athletes and accuses fans of their sports of calling them “crazy.”

As a mother of daughters who’ve all played ice hockey with boys, I never once heard them called “crazy” by anyone. When my daughter was checking more boys into the boards than her all-male teammates, her coach used her as an example for the boys in the locker room of how the game should be played. Parents have called my daughters, “brave, tough, and courageous,” but they’ve never called them “crazy.”  This is a trick by Nike. They’re using an ad about women being called “crazy” to push their merchandise on women, by appealing to the “hate” they feel laid upon them by people who think they’re not good enough to compete. Whether it’s real or imagined isn’t the point, the point is, they know, that if they create enough emotion around their argument, that no one will dare to fight back, because they’ll automatically be viewed as a bad person. It’s how the left fights.



It’s also interesting, that in an ad defending women, that Nike would feature the most controversial “female” athlete in the world,  South African athlete Caster Semenya.

According to Yahoo News – was in court last Monday for a landmark hearing that is expected to have major implications for gender in sports.

Semenya, 28, an Olympic gold medalist, went to the Court of Arbitration (CAS) for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland, appealing a controversial measure introduced by track and field’s governing body to lower the permissible testosterone levels in female athletes.

South African athlete Caster Semenya

Semenya is seeking to overturn the new Eligibility Regulations for Female Classification, introduced in April by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The new regulations mean that athletes of a ‘difference in sexual development’ condition with a high amount of testosterone in their systems will not be able to compete in female races.

Because of the physical differences, and obvious locker room obstacles, my daughters eventually had to opt out of boys ice hockey and play on all-girl teams. We didn’t demand that the boy’s teams make special locker-room accommodations for them or change the way they play the game to make it fairer for girls. As parents, we simply accepted the obvious physical barriers our girls would eventually be faced with and moved on. Together with our daughters, we embraced girls ice-hockey, and along the way, we taught our girls real-life lessons about how not everything in life will be fair or equal. We taught our daughters to always work their hardest and to never give up on their goals. We taught them that playing the victim card doesn’t make you stronger and that running from obstacles in life, or asking others to fight your battles for you is never a good option. We’re living an age of victimization, and parents need to start fighting back because the lines between boys and girls are being blurred by the left and by feminazis who are desperately trying to neuter males and make them irrelevant in our society. Parents of both boys and girls should be outraged by what’s happening right in front of our eyes.


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