This is just another confirmation that corporate America is all about shoving their LGBT agenda down everyone’s throat.

The latest retail giant that’s been activated to make the push is Walmart.

They just launched a new collection of merchandise promoting gay- and lesbian-owned companies.

This collection, called ‘Pride Always,’ features everything from clothes and hats to school supplies and pool floats.

Target may have downshifted when it came to pushing the gay agenda, so Walmart is stepping in.

‘Today. Tomorrow. Always.’ is Walmarts slogan for this pro-gay collection.

Always? They’re in for a surprise.

Washington Examiner reports:

Walmart could be the next target of criticism from conservatives, as the shopping giant has unveiled a new collection of LGBT merchandise by partnering with gay- and lesbian-owned companies.

The items, which range from clothes and hats to school supplies and pool floats, are part of the retailer’s Pride Always collection.

“We couldn’t be prouder of this year’s LGBTQIA+ founders & designers,” a social media post from Walmart reads. “Today. Tomorrow. Always.”

Some of the items available for purchase can only be bought online, while other items are being made available both online and in stores.

The unveiling of Walmart’s collection follows rival Target’s announcement that it plans to scale back its LGBT products this year to mostly online sales. The retailer told the Washington Examiner that the collection “has been curated based on guest insights and consumer research.”

In 2023, Target’s Pride collection generated controversy largely because some of it was marketed toward children. As a result, the company either moved its displays of LGBT merchandise to the back of its store or removed them entirely.

Here’s a promo spot from Wal*Mart showing the happiest people in the world that are just overjoyed at all the degenerate propaganda they can now buy.

Don’t you want to buy that stuff too and be so happy you pass out from laughing?

I didn’t see anything “tuck-friendly” so I’m boycotting those bigots!

Want to go to the toy section and get something for your children?

First you have to go past the ‘Hey Kids, Like the Bright Colors? Here’s Some Fun and Cute Gay Stuff’ display.

As I’ve said before, one of the main reasons the LGBT cult focuses so much on children is because these people don’t reproduce, they recruit.

This comment really summed it up. Clown world, indeed.

Breitbart adds:

Walmart is getting skewered on social media after unveiling its “Pride Always” collection prior to what society has deemed “pride month” in June, as shoppers express disappointment, irritation, and disgust.

“Not just a slogan. #PrideAlways is a reminder to lead with love,” Walmart wrote in the caption of the post, which features a video of the creators behind this year’s collection talking about some of their favorite pieces of its LGBTQIA2S+ apparel:

“So tired of this nonsense. If anyone should have a month of honor it should we for our soldiers, our nurses and police officers. People who actually are making a difference in this world,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Why do we have to care about someone’s sexuality?” another asked as someone else concluded that Walmart “didn’t learn” from the mistakes of Target and Bud Light.

“Walmart and Pride whatever it is, I hate all this because you glorify everything in this world except what God has created to be from the beginning, which is a family, man married to a woman and their children!!” another said, expressing disgust that the core family unit is seemingly never celebrated.

“Why don’t you give a true family unit a special month???” the user continued, questioning why the LGBTQ agenda must be “glorified” for an entire month.

“So Walmart is woke now? How long before you’re selling Palestinian Flags and abortion kits? Totally ridiculous,” another lamented.

“Gross. Pretty much all of this will end up on the clearance aisle,” another said as negative comments poured in the post.

“WOW WALMART. WHAT DON’T YOU CELEBRATE VETERANS ” one said as another deemed the collection “nonsense.”

“No one needs a month of this,” they said as another asked, “Why is this in my feed. I don’t want to [be] forced to accept your lifestyle.”

“A whole month. Yall [sic] are SO oppressed,” another mocked.

Isn’t it so funny to lose billions and BILLIONS of dollars?

Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light and Disney all think so. It’s friggin hilarious!

Walmart is getting wrecked in the comments.

I wonder if it’s a surprise to them?

If only Walmart would’ve known that the people didn’t want this indoctrination.

But how could they have known?

I thought they learned their lesson last year, but I guess not?

It won’t bother me, I ditched them last year.

This is what I do now, have you seen this?

Keeps Me Out Of Walmart! [from NOAH]

Keeps Me Out Of Walmart! [from NOAH]

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Great idea, right?

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