The first thing to break on Twitter this morning was the news that Donald Trump’s Hollywood star had been destroyed in California. As it turns out, a rather dim bulbed man came forward by making a video of himself…

Seemingly trying to destroy the star for good, the man, who has since been identified as James Otis, used a sledgehammer and pickaxe in order to help him vandalize the well-known emblem. All caught on video by shocked onlookers, Otis could be seen hitting the star with a pickaxe resulting in two plates breaking free.

As it turns out, those plates depicted both the Hollywood star television emblem and the presidential hopeful’s name. Since that point in time, Otis has come forward in order to claim his fame – but it took mere seconds for him to realize that not everything is exactly going according to his poorly thought out plan when he promptly got some bad news…
Police are looking for him… The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce says the plaque is worth $30k, so he’s confessing to a felony.
Via: Mad World News

Via: TMZ

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