A disturbing video published by The Washington Post on June 29 shows a group of brainwashed students singing Twitter posts by President Donald Trump attempting to mock him. A group of about twelve children, entitled “Washington Post Kids Chorus”, are shown in a classroom banging on drums and waving American flags. The video is called “The Washington Post’s Kids Chorus Singing President Trump’s Tweets”. Following their mockery of President Donald Trump, the class sings the Post’s new motto: “Democracy Dies in Darkness”.

The Post does not state the name of the school or location where the mockery took place.

The video, which was published on June 29 to the Post’s verified YouTube account was also mentioned in the June 30 column, The Daily 202, titled “The Daily 202 presents the world debut of the Washington Post Kids Chorus. Their first musical assignment had a political twist: the president’s tweets. From our video team:”.

Viewers who were disgusted in the Washington Post video made some of the following comments:

“How about we leave 5-year-olds out of politics? Anything else is borderline brainwashing. Let the kids decide for themselves what their political beliefs are.”

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“No one else believes you so you have to trick children to push your narrative. This is just beyond wrong and twisted.”

“The Left have always used children as political props. They control the schools so they have ready access.”

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“This is like North Korean propaganda. Let’s use our children. Washington Post was once great, but no more.”

h/t –Gateway Pundit 


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