Brandon Straka, Founder of the #WalkAway Movement is back after a false arrest relating to January 6th

After being wrongfully arrested and sentenced to probation for “disorderly conduct” for his participation in the January 6th protests, the #WalkAway Movement’s founder Brandon Straka is back.

Straka’s bogus arrest, like the arrests of all January 6th protestors came as an unjustified and tyrannical act of retribution and political theater from the Democratic Party. His in particular came due to his high social profile.

Brandon Strake (left) interviews Kari Lake (right) at a #WalkAway event

Straka founded the #WalkAway Movement in 2018 in order to help wayward liberals leave the Democratic Party. The popular movement includes many former Democrats, including a large Hispanic subset (#WalkAway Espanol) who have found success and freedom in the Republican Party.

Mayra Flores, the Republican Representative-elect who rocked the nation with a historic win in a South Texas blue district, has been a member of #WalkAway for years.

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Being a Mexican Born American Citizen, a #WalkAway member for years, and a powerful figure in the emerging Hispanic Republican migration, Mayra pulled off the first GOP win in the South Texas District in 150 years.

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Kari Lake, the Trump-endorsed Republican Gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, recently sat down with Brandon Straka at a #WalkAway event.

At this event, Brandon stated that “God is choosing very unusual people to do very extraordinary work,” in reference to President Donald Trump, as well as many of his endorsed picks such as Kari Lake.

“God is calling up his officers and his army,” Lake agrees. The two discuss religion and the disconnect many Americans feel despite their religious freedom, due to woke liberals pushing God out from the light and from everyday life by forbidding even uttering His name in schools, on social media, and in our institutions. Lake then states that it’s time to “bring God back into our hearts and homes.”

As a call for religion to reenter the American public sphere are made, Hispanics, a traditionally deeply religious community, appear to be flocking to the Republican Party as we see in #WalkAway member Mayra Flores’s historic victory in South Texas.

Meanwhile, Kari Lake polls strong in Arizona, especially among Hispanics and young adults with families–two groups historically tied to the Democratic Party. This shows that #WalkAway works.

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