Popular social media figure Shumirun Nessa has been doxxed and had her kids threatened after she created a video calling out TikToker Jeffrey Marsh for being a groomer.

Jeffrey Marsh, a transgender social media influencer, posts a lot of inappropriate videos encouraging children to join his Patreon so he can chat privately with them. Many of his videos are aimed directly at children, specifically, those who don’t have a good relationship with their families.

Nessa made a video questioning the appropriateness of Marsh targeting kids and trying to get a private audience with them on social media.

After receiving backlash for the video and being called transphobic, Nessa made a follow-up video in which she doubled down on her initial complaints about Marsh’s content and carefully went over the definition of a “groomer” and explained why he fits this description.

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She highlighted a video of Marsh addressing his young audience, saying “your parents screwed up” and then inviting them to join his Patreon so they can talk to him about their problems in a place “that has more privacy.”

“Why do you want to talk to these particular kids?” Nessa asked.

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She also pointed out how Marsh has videos on his Patreon teaching kids to go “no contact” with their parents, as well as videos about sex.



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Shortly after posting this on TikTok, Nessa was attacked by the woke mob both online and in person, experiencing vandalism to her car and receiving threats directed at herself and her children.

Nessa shared a tearful video on her account about these threats, apologizing for her comments and begging the woke activists to leave her and her family alone.

“So, I just got an email saying – pretty much a threat, saying they know where I live,” Nessa said.

She continued, sharing a chilling detail about the threatening email she received.

“…they have got my daughters’ details on the email. Like, what time I leave to drop them to school, pick them up. And it’s not a coincidence because both of my daughters, they go to two different schools, so they know. They’ve given the school details and everything.”

She also mentioned that her car had been vandalized in retaliation for her comments about Marsh.

“I’m not gonna talk about Jeffrey Marsh,” Nessa assured those who are coming after her. “I’ve deleted everything, removed it.”

“Please, don’t come at me, don’t come to my house, don’t do anything with me,” Nessa tearfully pled.

“I’m sorry, please don’t come for my kids,” she concluded.


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