Right on! A British woman was speaking following a debate about whether Britain would be better being part of the European Union (EU) or whether it would be more beneficial to leave. She just wants her country back and sees how harmful it is to be a part of the EU. You lose all sovereignty and have people like George Soros trying to tell you what to do: The woman’s declaration comes shortly after billionaire financier George Soros warned that the EU is in ‘mortal danger’ of collapse unless leaders agree to spend £24 billion every year to tackle the migrant crisis. Mr Soros said EU leaders needed to agree a surge in funding to deal with the influx of more than a million refugees flooding into Europe.
He suggested that at least €30 billion (£24 billion) a year would be needed and said Europe should be looking to accept between 300,000 and 500,000 a year.

Via: Express

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