New England Patriots player Benjamin Watson responded to comments from Hollywood has-been actress Alyssa Milano for claiming that anti-abortion laws would affect “women of color” the most. Watson’s wife weighs in on the subject in a video below.

Watson is a father of SEVEN and an all-around great guy and had this to say about Milano’s misguided comments on race and abortion:

“This is the same type of narrative or lie that’s been told over and over again and whether she meant to do it or not, so many people fall into this and it’s really a combination of ignorance or racism. And when I say racism what I’m saying is that to the fact that having more children of color is a problem and the idea that would be a problem to women of color is an issue.”

Watson Continued:

“I believe our children are the most cherished possession in our communities and the lies that have been told over and over and over again is that if you’re in a certain economic situation if you’re a certain color this is the solution we’re going to offer you. And that’s detrimental, not only to black communities but to America as a whole.”

“It’s a very complex issue”

“It’s a very complex issue because you have a situation where a community we are historically pro-life. But then there became a shift where there were certain economic issues that make it tough. Look, these decisions that are being made women are very tough decisions. I’m not sitting here and saying the people are doing things flippantly. Although we do know that most abortions across the board are because of some sort of convenience whether financial or emotional.”


WATSON’S WIFE IS ALSO AN ACTIVE PRO-LIFE ADVOCATE:Kirsten Watson on “My body…my choice”

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