The left doesn’t like individual rights like freedom of speech as is evident with the effort to scrub Southern Confederate culture. Doesn’t this remind you of the Nazis or ISIS? Trying to scrub what you don’t like in your history is just what the left wants to do to continue their agenda. It’s refreshing to have a brave candidate like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jinal who’s being attacked  by the leftist media. Here’s an example from Twitter:


Several other liberal news outlets are also chiming in. Attacking someone like Gov. Jendal who’s standing for ALL rights of Americans is what the left does best if it doesn’t fit their narrative.


The debate over the Confederate flag has reached Louisiana and Gov. Bobby Jindal weighed in by saying he would not act to remove the flag from some Louisiana vanity plates, but the issue is not over.

With just 160 Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) license plates issued in Louisiana, it isn’t something drivers will see often. Louisiana is one of nine states in the nation where a Confederate flag on a vanity plate is even an option.


“Other states had been getting the prestige plates and we thought it a good idea to honor our heritage,” said Randy Jarreau, commander of the Henry Watkins Allen SCV Camp No. 133. “So, we went forward and got it.”

The Louisiana SCV plate was established in 1999 and a portion of its proceeds go to purchase history books for school children. Supporters say the featured logo, a Confederate flag, honors history.

Others say it does not tell the whole story. Maxine Crump of Dialogue on Race said the flag is a divisive symbol literally representing a nation broken in two.

“A symbol like that, what do we really want to keep it for?” Crump asked. “Are there no other ways to celebrate southern pride and southern heritage and one that celebrates all of us in the South?”

A recent attempt to add an SCV plate in Texas was shot down by the Supreme Court. Since the racially motivated massacre in a Charleston church, several governors have moved to phase out the flag on vanity plates.

“It needs to go to a museum. I don’t believe in eliminating history. I believe in keeping all of it and the part that we don’t think is so good, it can serve as manure to fertilize our future,” Crump explained.

“I would strongly disagree with that. That’s a personal decision to put that on your car,” Jarreau added.

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