Farmers and truckers have joined the fight in Brazil to protest the stolen elections. Like the trucker protests in the US and Canada, reports say Brazilian truckers are honking horns and blocking highways as they join election protests that began at the end of October.


Truckers in Brazil are freedom-loving patriots protesting the attempt by CCP-owned communist and embezzler Lula da Silva to steal the presidency from President Jair Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro is well-loved by the Brazilians and called for the protest to be carried out peacefully and lawfully. He also was a massive supporter of the trucking industry and found ways to keep diesel costs low.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Brazil has a corrupt Supreme Court that is seizing bank accounts, issuing fines to farmers, truckers, and banks, and threatening to take children brought to the protest from their parents.

John Rich tells America to wake up. First, Trudeau froze the bank accounts of protesters; now Brazil is doing it, too…if you don’t think it can happen in the USA, you’re not paying attention!

So why is the media ignoring the vast protests taking place? Reports are saying that 10’s of millions of people are in the streets in what may be the largest demonstration in the world since Communism’s end in 1989.

Patriots were restricted from wearing yellow t-shirts or carrying the Brazilian flag by a CEO that administrates shopping centers and voiced his support for the left. So large numbers filled a mall, sang, wore yellow tee shirts, and helped display a massive flag.

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