After a typical high-crime Chicago weekend, cops were called to another crime scene on Monday after at least 14 people were injured in a mass drive-by shooting.
According to Fox News, the Chicago Police Department confirmed that the shooting happened at South California Avenue and West Polk Street on Chicago’s West side Halloween night.
Among those injured were a 3-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a 13-year-old. The rest of the shooting victims were adults, according to the police. In addition to the victims injured in the shooting, a person was also struck by a car.

David Brown, a superintendent of the police department, said after viewing the pod camera video, they believed two shooters fired into the crowd, and that it was possible there was more than one vehicle involved. The group had gathered and stood on the sidewalk for a vigil when the attack occurred.
The drive-by attack occurred quickly, lasting only 3 seconds as the shooters appeared to fire randomly at the group. As of now, no suspects have been arrested, and according to Brown, the reason for the shooting is unknown and still under investigation.
One bystander attempted to help, saying there were not enough emergency vehicles for all victims. The witness told FOX 32 Chicago that he tried to help the injured, but the few emergency vehicles could not accommodate an injured child.
“We picked up another girl, a little girl, about 13, and we brought her to that ambulance,” the eyewitness recounted. “But the ambulance driver said, ‘No, we can’t bring her in because you have people worse.’ So we just sat her on the bumper.”
He also mentioned seeing a man shot in the head, lying on the sidewalk. “He was on the ground, and they were saying he was shot in the head, and he had blood everywhere.”
The victims are currently in varying conditions, with no deaths yet reported.
Meanwhile, on Thursday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot introduced an ordinance to give herself a pay raise to cover “a cost of living increase.” She said she wanted to clarify that it was not a salary increase. Chicago residents are angry with Lightfoot’s ineptitude in dealing with rising crime and do not feel she should receive any wage increase.


Lightfoot has been a prime example of the failure of Democrat leadership in dealing with spiking crime rates across the country. Instead of solutions that end horrifying drive-by shootings harming innocent children and other victims, Lightfoot posts videos of herself singing and dancing. Her actions were blasted as “insulting: She’s not a great singer, she’s not a great dancer, nobody cares. People want her to solve the crime problem.”

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