Novel Coronavirus, which emerged in China in late-2019, has infected more than 75,000 and killed more than 2,200 people in China. The CDC has reported 12 cases of infection first identified on U.S. soil, 2 cases spread by person-to-person contact, and 21 cases of infection among U.S. evacuated from abroad to America.

An AP chart shows where the coronavirus has spread.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services tells Mid-Michigan NOW it is currently monitoring 325 people for a medium or low risk for the Coronavirus.

All of the people being monitored have been to mainland China within the past two weeks or were passengers on a cruise ship with a confirmed coronavirus case.

No one is being quarantined because the state says that it is because they were not deemed at high risk during the screening process.


Lynn Sutfin with the MDHHS sent Mid-Michigan NOW a statement saying:

We have not placed anyone in a quarantine facility because the screening process has not identified any individuals as being at “high risk” of infection.

However, those who are identified as being at medium risk, a group that includes all returning residents who have been to mainland China during the two weeks before their return, are being asked to practice home quarantine as much as possible and are contacted daily by local public health for the remainder of the 14 day period with a symptom check.

We have about 325 individuals who have been identified that way or who were passengers on a cruise ship with a confirmed COVID-19 case. These traveler referrals meet either the “medium” or “low” risk criteria for COVID-19 monitoring.

Once MDHHS receives the referral, we provide info to the local health department in the jurisdiction in which the traveler resides.
Local health departments are monitoring their health, (do they have a temperature, cough, difficulty breathing) for 14 days after their last day in China or on the cruise ship.

The 325 is an approximate number as that’s the number of people we have been notified about. However, some of those people may be past the 14-day window now.

Why are people at “medium risk” of being infected with the deadly coronavirus, allowed to “home monitor” themselves?

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