Adam Zimmer, an offensive analyst for the Bengals, died unexpectedly, his sister announced on social media; his sister Corri posted a tribute on Instagram to her big brother holding her young twins, saying, “I’m so overwhelmed, I’m so heartbroken. My brother was one of my best friends, especially after my mom died. We became so close.”

Details about the cause of Zimmer’s untimely death have not been made known, but his passing was confirmed by the Bengals, who expressed sadness at the loss saying the Zimmers are more than just coaches; they are also friends.

Zimmer was only 38-years-old and the son of former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer. He worked for his father with several NFL clubs, including the Bengals and Vikings. Most recently, he had been working remotely with the Bengals but is not believed to have been in attendance for Monday’s Cleveland Browns loss.
After eight years in Minnesota coaching with his father, Adam rejoined the Bengals in July. He previously worked for the team when his father was the defensive coordinator from 2008 until 2013.
He began coaching in 2006 as an assistant linebacking coach with the New Orleans Saints.


Died unexpectedly is becoming a sadly familiar headline, causing many to question if c-19 shots are a contributing factor.  The Cincinnati Bengals posted on Bengal Wire in July 2021 saying their entire surrounding staff is fully vaccinated and that they hit the 90 percent threshold in terms of player vaccinations ahead of training camp.

Bengals coach Zac Taylor commented on his team’s vaccination progress, according to Geoff Hobson of

“Our players have done a great job. We are 90 percent in the process of being fully vaccinated. Really, two weeks from now there’s another 10 that will be considered fully vaccinated. We are in a good spot. We have had great conversations with all these guys and proud of the way they have attacked it and communicated it. They have allowed us to be put in a really good position to be as normal as possible going forward.

Coach Taylor even called off a minicamp training early in the year which locker room leader Jessie Bates indicated  had something to do with the high vaccination status of the team.

Bengals president Mike Brown talked about how he was trying to convince players and staff to take the shot, saying he would like a 100% vaccination status for the team:

“I’d like to get it up to a full 100 percent. But people have to agree to do this. We’re not compelling them to do it. We’re asking them to do it. We’re trying to convince them to do it and we’re making good progress at that … I like to think we could work through this cooperatively … I’m aware of it and probably that’s what they wanted. They wanted us to take notice and that might incentive us to do the things we need to do to give us the best chance to have a complete season.”

The Bengal Wire mentions that the Bengals are meeting guidelines set by the NFL. For example, the 2021 Covid Related Operating Principles says:

Nearly all clubs have vaccinated 100 percent of their Tier 1 and 2 staff. Clubs have put appropriate protocols in place for the relatively few staff who have not been vaccinated, consistent with the guidance given last April. As of today, more than 75 percent of players are in the process of being vaccinated, and more than half the clubs have vaccination rates greater than 80 percent of their players.

The operating principles also commended the c-19 shot, saying that virtually all new cases of covid were in non-vaccinated individuals:

We know that vaccines are safe and effective and are the best step anyone can take to be safe from the coronavirus. The vaccines continue to provide strong immunity against variants of the coronavirus, including the Delta variant. Even with recent increases, new cases remain far below the peak levels of earlier this year. The CDC and major hospital systems throughout the country have reported that 97 percent or more of the new cases and virtually all hospitalizations are seen in unvaccinated individuals. While there have been “breakthrough” infections – cases where a vaccinated individual has been infected – those cases tend to be mild, and people recover from the infection relatively quickly.

The NFL cited the CDC’s information as guiding their protocols. And according to Epoch Times, nearly all state health agencies have relied on the CDC for guidance. The CDC is referenced on their websites. The problem is the CDC has promoted misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic.



CDC Twitter Profile Picture

Despite a lack of test-based scientific evidence, the CDC and the FDA have aggressively promoted the Covid vaccination, and sports clubs, under the pressure of the CDC and NFL, have, in turn, convinced coaches like Adam Zimmer to receive the shot.


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