Best news of the day… Keep an eye on this story. It will be interesting to see who pays their legal fees and court costs. 

A NEW YORK TIMES REPORTER was threatened by a Bernie Sanders supporter numerous times, saying he would “hunt you down in the streets” after she simply covered the fact that Hillary Clinton got enough delegates for the Democrat nomination.

This was following the unbelievable violence that Trump supporters found themselves victims of prior to and following Trump rallies in various cities across CA. A lone conservative who uses the Twitter name “Thomas Paine” offered a $20,000 reward for anyone who could lead to the arrest of the thug who sucker punched a 66 year old man leaving the Trump rally in San Jose.

Watch here:

The good news is that San Jose police have identified four people who were arrested during last Thursday’s Donald Trump rally.

The suspects have been identified as Ahmed Abdirahman, 19 of Santa Clara; Robert Trillo, 18 of San Jose; Antonio Fernandez, 19 of San Jose; and Michael Kitaigorodsky, 19 of San Jose. The four suspects were booked into the Santa Clara County Jail.

Abdirahman, Trillo, and Fernandez were arrested on felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Kitaigorodsky was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of failure to disperse.

This journalist’s tweet pretty much sums it up:

Investigators used video evidence to help ID protesters who egged and attacked people who attended the event. Authorities are continuing to search for other people involved in violence at the Trump rally.

The San Jose Police Department was heavily criticized for its response to the Trump protests. Investigators say they’re still following up on what happened last Thursday and more arrests are imminent. Police say they’re reviewing witness statements and looking at all the video evidence that was collected.

Police were criticized for not doing more to intervene during the violence. Chief Eddie Garcia admitted there may not have been enough officers, but said the department achieved its goal of clearing the streets and making arrests. There were four arrests made that night.

That’s why the department says its being aggressive in trying to find other people involved in the violence on June 2. They say they’ve identified some of the suspects in the videos, but need more help.

Here are a couple of videos that were taken from that night in San Jose:

And then there’s this Trump supporter who was attacked by a gang of cowardly thugs:

If you’ve were a victim of a crime that night, or witnessed a crime, call police or the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers tip line at (408) 277-8911. You could also be eligible for a cash reward. Via: ABC7 News

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