Elizabeth Warren, aka “Pocahantas,” once thought to be the answer to Democrats hoping to place a radical in the White House, is sinking in the polls. Earlier this week, Democrat presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar posted a recent Emerson poll showing Warren in 4th place behind the mostly unknown Senator Klobuchar.

In her efforts to make herself relevant, Senator Elizabeth Warren is attempting to convince her followers that foreigners are lining up to help spread disinformation about opponents of Donald Trump, she inadvertently made an ironic public statement about her own commitment to start telling the truth.

The Democrat presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) posted a link to her own website on Twitter revealing her plan to stop the “disinformation” campaign that Warren claims is eroding our democracy. In her statement, Warren falsely accuses President Trump’s campaign of pushing disinformation to divide Americans and suppress Democrat votes: Anyone who seeks to challenge and defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election must be fully prepared to take on the full array of disinformation that foreign actors and people in and around the Trump campaign will use to divide Democrats, suppress Democratic votes, and erode the standing of the Democratic nominee.

Warren, who is polling in 4th place behind some of the worst candidates the Democrat Party has ever seen in a presidential race, is most notably known for repeatedly lying to Americans about her Native American heritage before a DNA test she initiated proved she was lying.

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Disinformation and online foreign interference erode our democracy, and Donald Trump has invited both. Anyone who seeks to challenge and defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election must be fully prepared to take this on—and I’ve got a plan to do it. 

After listing a whole host of mistruths about a completely unsubstantiated claim about a disinformation campaign against Democrats, Warren added that effective today, she will stop lying:

So today, I’m making a pledge: I will not knowingly use or spread disinformation to benefit my own candidacy or damage others.

Warren added that her fight for truth will extend to her opponents, saying: “And I will fight disinformation aimed at my campaign, my opponents, and voters.” Does that mean she’ll shut down the bogus impeachment trial orchestrated by her own awful party over their inablity to accept Donald J. Trump as their president?

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