This is Obama and Soros’ army at work…make no mistake about it…

This is 1 of 7 anti-Trump rallies raging across America. Wouldn’t it make sense for Obama and Soros to prey on the anger so many Americans are feeling right now over Trump’s win?

According to social media posts by KOMO-TV and other sources, multiple people were shot Wednesday in Seattle during protests over election results.

At least five people have reportedly been shot and all are said to have critical injuries.

Seattle Asst. Chief says that a lone suspect was in a crowd near or watching the anti-Trump protests, when an argument of some sort developed. One of the people in the argument stepped away, fired back into the crowd at the person or people with whom he was arguing.

At least some of the wounded are believed to be innocent bystanders waiting for a bus. Only one man is seriously injured. The four other injuries are believed to be to the lower extremities.

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All five people shot were taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg told The Associated Press that two men and one woman were in critical condition and that two men were in serious condition Wednesday night. Later Wednesday, Gregg said the condition of the woman had been upgraded to serious.

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Authorities were on the scene within 60 seconds, as police and EMS were staged just down the street due to the protests.

The suspect is still at large. – Bearing Arms

Here is a Craig’s List  ad that was sent to us looking for Hillary supporters to join protesters to join them in NYC:



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