Democrat Gretchen Whitmer is only the second female governor to be elected since the disastrous two terms of Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm, who left the state of Michigan in shambles when she left office in 2011. As evidenced by her irrational decisions to pick winners and losers in her state during the COVID-19 shutdown, Gretchen Whitmer has proven that she’s no friend of the working woman in the state of Michigan. She’s also proving that if you cross her, you will pay dearly. Not only will she ensure you pay a heavy price, but she may also make sure you never work in her state again.

One of the occupations hardest-hit by Governor Whitmer’s irrational executive orders over COVID-19 fears is that of a hairstylist. Curiously, Whitmer, who likes to think of herself as a champion for women, made the irrational decision to shut down the beauty and spa industry that’s made up of mostly women owners, employees, and independent contractors.

When it became clear to the Michigan Conservative Coalition that Michigan’s radical governor had no intention of allowing anyone in the business of cutting or styling hair go back to work, they decided to host “Operation Haircut,” a protest against Governor Whitmer’s overreaching executive order that allowed Michigan residents to shop at big box stores, get abortions and buy weed, but not to get a haircut. The Operation Haircut event that was held in May brought hundreds of Michigan residents to the lawn of the state’s Capitol building where dozens of hairstylists offered free haircuts, as a way to protest Governor Whitmer’s extended shutdown of their industry.

Seven female hairstylists received $1,000 citations from the Michigan State Police during the event.

MEET RACHAEL: We spoke with Rachael, one of the women who received the $1,000 fine and a criminal charge for participating in the protest. Rachael told us she felt compelled to go to the protest because she was standing up for all of the other hairstylists in Michigan. She also told us she didn’t believe that Governor Whitmer has the constitutional right to prevent them from being able to make a living. Rachael, who has lived in Michigan her entire life, and owns her own business, told us that she is moving to another state in the south, as she can’t live in a state ruled by an unconstitutional governor like Gretchen Whitmer. Rachael explained that she recently received a notification from Michigan’s licensing bureau, LARA, telling her that they are looking into taking her license away as a result of her participation in the peaceful protest.

Rachael is pictured on the right. The photo was provided to us by Rachael and is a screenshot taken from an MLIVE video.

ANGELA RIGAS, a working mother of four, is also a victim of Governor Whitmer. Last week, after completing the required course to obtain her CPL (Concealed Permit License), hairstylist, Angela Rigas who was also targeted by Governor Gretchen Whitmer for peacefully protesting Governor Whitmer’s shutdown, was told she could not apply her CPL because of the criminal charge she was given for her part in the protest.

Angela is pictured in the black vest cutting hair on the right side.

Angela is a mother of four, who told us that she became concerned after watching the riots on television and decided to take the required course to get her CPL. She was shocked to find out that the ticket she received was preventing her from obtaining a CPL permit. Like the other seven hairstylists who were targeted by Whitmer, Angela has also received a notification from LARA explaining how they are looking into revoking her license.

The criminal charge these ladies received is the equivalent of a criminal charge given to a “Common prostitute,” or ” A person who is engaged in indecent or obscene conduct in a public place.”

Here’s the $1,000 ticket that Angela received that came with criminal charges for peacefully protesting:

Earlier this month, Michigan’s Democrat Governor Whitmer stood side by side with protesters to honor the life of George Floyd and protest against police brutality in Highland Park, MI. No citations were given for protesting alongside Michigan’s radical governor.

The MCC or Michigan Conservative Coalition, is asking for everyone’s help to pay the legal fees of these brave hair stylists who dared to stand up to Michigan’s tyrannical governor. The MCC has started a GoFundMe account for the hairstylists to help pay their legal fees. Go HERE to contribute.

One of the hairstylists who never had an interest in politics took part in Operation Haircut. In the video below, she explains how it made her feel patriotic to protest Governor Whitmer’s shutdown. She was also given a $1,00o citation and charged criminally for taking part in the protest.

Last week, Michigan attorney David Kallman appeared in a press conference on the steps of the state’s Capitol building, where he announced that he would be representing six of the seven hairdressers who were hit with criminal charges in addition to the fines they received for participating in the protest. According to Kallman, in addition to criminal charges for allegedly violating the governor’s executive orders, the seven hairstylists have been criminally charged under the Disorderly Persons Statute, which says they were operating an illegal business. The attorney, who’s been hired by Michigan Conservative Coalition to represent the six female hairstylists, added that all of his clients have all received notices from LARA, the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, explaining that they’re taking steps toward revoking their licenses.

Standing alongside Attorney Kallman and three of the six hairdressers he’s representing, was Owosso, MI barber, Karl Manke, who made national news when he re-opened his barbershop in defiance of Whitmer’s executive order.

A spokesperson for Michigan State Police said warnings were given first before the citations were handed out to the hairstylists for “disorderly conduct.”

MLive reports that Kallman found it “odd” that the state would “attempt to give the stylists criminal records” and “take away their livelihood” for cutting hair, which businesses have been allowed to do again statewide since June 15. He said state law allows hairstylists to cut hair during special events, such as the May 20 protest.

Kallman explained that the charges were made by Attorney General Dana Nessel, and not the local prosecutor. He also called out the riots that took place at the BLM protests that Governor Whitmer ignored and even took place in a public memorial for George Floyd with hundred of protesters during her lockdown.

Michigan’s far-left Democrat AG Dana Nessel (L) Operation Haircut hairstylist on right.

Michigan Conservative Coalition President Rosanne Ponkowski also spoke out at the press conference, explaining how their group has started a GoFundMe account for the hairstylists to help pay their legal fees. Go HERE to contribute.[0]=68.ARCaAOFBqflsjQn77BVvkLSSuOqbJPSAE3dHVshrsdVo8EbFN2L5iQfEMGe2HyRqMoV_5AcC3iVXttCiGbxKT5ALl0U13Xz8BfawLCZiQnKhXePvZuVGIH9avx2ymPKchP0AGqsXCJEAjOEP0rnTmrizUixxU1S2GUwFOLVdZcb7xCRJDqSkNcsRKOdF3mFFabrmUX00g0wqynqUEmO3b3qqchPYpSBiqrQZc9tTWo3vAxgfMf72NbtDGUNbOMCnq6MDRLaKSKFNJQJe9SNtdRaAKgHbwQi1QGV7tU8mH_SiuSpo6vzIwOARNILQ4u89OkkyX7qF7510dMYJV0EN5rjsnmzum4JBDl1hUaOxer81tgCCpYNTxi3IXcPKoyBuD535V2KfccAGjcMJLWXctmcXh0my_zvei63sAJjWmle_3rAw4jkd2dLzlvAN7M1ns_Fhz51mRb5W4uDhsYEih0rUF038ShIZnJuvRQPp2iUUqsdfSVENqlR6pzcV&__tn__=H-R

Kallman called out Democrat Governor Whitmer for her hypocrisy in actively trying to harm the female hairdressers desperate to go back to work while walking with BLM protesters two weeks ago. He added that the BLM protesters Governor Whitmer supported destroyed businesses and private property in several locations across the state, while the seven hairdressers she’s criminally prosecuting were simply trying to stand up for their right to make a living. Rosanne Ponkowski told the media that they used a vacuum to clean the front lawn of the Capitol building at the conclusion of “Operation Haircut,” saying that the MI State Police officers commented that it was the first time they saw protesters leave the premises cleaner than when they arrived.

Karl Manke destroyed Governor Whitmer with a blistering speech exposing her hypocrisy while defending the hairstylists right to make a living:

The MCC or Michigan Conservative Coalition needs our help to pay the legal fees of these brave hair stylists who dared to stand up to Michigan’s tyrannical governor. The MCC has started a GoFundMe account for the hairstylists to help pay their legal fees. Go HERE to contribute.

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