Conservative giant Dennis Prager of Prager U is recovering from COVID after testing positive last week.

In an announcement to his massive following, the 73-year-old Mr. Prager explained that he’s been following the Zelensky protocol, named after Dr. Zelensky, who recently appeared on former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis’ podcast where he discussed alternative treatments for COVID-19, including hydroxychloroquine, a drug whose mere mention sets Facebook “fact-checkers” hair on fire.

Watch Dennis Prager explains how he is broadcasting from home, “as I am not going into the station because I have COVID.”

“I tested positive last week, and I have been steadily improving. At no point was I in danger of hospitalization,” Prager told his followers.

He explained that since he tested positive, he’s taken Regeneron, Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies. And before he tested positive, he was taking Hydroxychloroquine, with Zinc, along with a Z-pack (erythromycin), “as the Zelenco protocol would have it,” adding “I have done what one should do if one is not going to get vaccinated.” Prager told his followers, “It is infinitely preferable to have natural immunity than vaccine immunity, and that is what I hoped for the entire time.” Prager explained that he intentionally got close to strangers and hugged them “Knowing that I was making myself very susceptible to COVID, which is indeed, as bizarre as it sounded, what I wanted, in the hope that I would receive natural immunity and be taken care of by therapeutics.” He added, “That is exactly what happened, and it should have happened to the majority of Americans.

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Prager told his audience, “The number of deaths related to COVID is a scandal that one day will be clear to Americans.”

The snarky Soros-funded Media Matters writer Jason Campbell tried to shame Prager by claiming he was “ranting against vaccines” on his show. At no time in his video did the very calm Prager rant about anything; this is simply how the unhinged left views anyone who disagrees with them. We want to thank Jason for sharing this important video for anyone who would like to know how Mr. Pragert was doing after his diagnosis last week.

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Watch his video here:

Do you agree with Dennis Prager? Do you believe natural immunity is better than receiving the COVID jab?

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