Democrats always make sure to stack the deck with their people when they investigate the opposite party, but this instance might be the worst we’ve seen yet.

Bexar County, Texas Sheriff Javier Salazar is a Democrat who was responsible for failing to prevent 53 illegal immigrants who were being smuggled across the border from dying in a semi-truck.

Now, he is investigating Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for transporting illegal immigrants from San Antonio, Texas to Martha’s Vineyard.

His decision to investigate DeSantis came after liberal activists and politicians demanded a criminal investigation in to DeSantis.

California Governor Gavin Newsom wrote a letter to President Biden asking him to investigate DeSantis.

Salazar says that the migrants were ‘hoodwinked’ by DeSantis and being used for nothing more than a ‘photo op’.

Apparently, the hordes of immigrants who are illegally trafficked here every year by criminal cartels and gangs are perfectly fine, though.

The Tallahassee Democrat Reports

Texas law enforcement authorities said Monday they are opening an investigation into how 48 Venezuelan migrants were “lured” last week to board flights from San Antonio, Texas, to Martha‘s Vineyard under a plan orchestrated by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for “nothing more … than a photo op.”

“Our understanding is that a Venezuelan migrant was paid what we would call a bird dog fee to recruit approximately 50 migrants from the area around a migrant Resource Center … in San Antonio,” Bexar County, Texas Sheriff Javier Salazar told reporters.

“As we understand it, 48 migrants were lured — I will use the word lured — under false pretenses into staying at a hotel for a couple of days,” said Salazar, who said the migrants were then taken by airplane at a certain point and flown to Florida before continuing to Massachusetts.

Salazar, an elected Democrat from south Texas, said the migrants were taken out of Texas to Martha’s Vineyard “under false pretenses,” noting they were “promised work (and) promised the solution to several of their problems.”

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