President Trump got a win today from the Supreme Court on the construction of the border wall. The Court ruled that construction of the wall can continue denying a request to stop construction.

Groups like the Sierra Club and the ACLU tried to block the construction because of supposed environmental concerns.

The vote was split 5-4, with the four liberal judges dissenting.

A coalition of groups claimed that an environmental impact study had not been done sufficiently. The lawyers for the case aren’t giving up and say they’ll continue fighting the construction of the border wall: One ACLU staff attorney told Fox News:

“The fight continues. Every lower court to consider the question has ruled President Trump’s border wall illegal, and the Supreme Court’s temporary order does not decide the case. We’ll be back before the Supreme Court soon to put a stop to Trump’s xenophobic border wall once and for all.”

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Interesting that while the group claims this is all about environmental concerns, the lawyer cites “Trump’s xenophobic border wall.” This is about politics and leftist ideology and has nothing to do with the supposed concern for the environment.

Just because President Trump wants a secure border, it does not make him “xenophobic.” It’s for the safety of ALL Americans.

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