ABC News has suspended Washington correspondent David Wright after he was secretly recorded by Project Veritas. In the video, the self-described “Socialist” can be seen slamming his network’s fake news coverage of the Kobe Byrant accident, as well as their coverage of President Donald Trump.

“I don’t think we’re [ABC News] terribly interested in the voters,” Wright tells the Project Veritas reporter. When asked if he considers himself a Democrat-Socialist, he boldly drops the “Democrat,” saying he considers himself a “Socialist.”

David Wright, who was covering the Democratic primary in New Hampshire admits that “the truth suffers,” because of the way journalists are forced to do their jobs. The ABC News correspondent relays a story about an ABC News reporter who falsely claimed that all of Kobe Bryant’s daughters were killed in the helicopter crash.

Wright, a Harvard grad, who received an advanced degree at Oxford University mocks ABC for promoting Disney characters on behalf of their parent company instead of reporting the hard news. Wright also shares his concerns about ABC News not caring about anyone on the other side of the Hudson River (outside of the New York City bubble). He ends the video by calling President Trump a “dick.”

James O’Keefe tweeted an article from the Daily Mail who reported that after the higher-ups at ABC News viewed the Project Veritas video, they suspended their Socialist journalist.

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O’Keefe, who is both feared and hated by mainstream journalists and media moguls, responded to a Deadline article that accuses him of publishing a “heavily edited” video, by offering them $10,000 to be contributed to the charity of their choice if they can prove their accusation is true.

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