Washington DC braces for chaos as night falls. Across the country, demonstrators are taking to the streets to express anger at the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade and with it guaranteed access to abortions.
Some are concerned that riots similar to the Summer of 2020 are going to ensue with the latest Scotus decision. Friday night, Rep Boebert tweeted that there were pallets of bricks within a block of the House offices, bringing it to the attention of the Capitol police.

After Justice Clarence Thomas revealed he believe the court should also review laws on gay marriage, protesters gathered around his home. Demonstrators waved flags, held placards and shouted ‘My body, my choice!’ and ‘Reproductive rights = human rights.’

Antifa joined the demonstrations yelling “Abort The Court”

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There is grave concern for the safety of the Supreme Court Judges as protestors have become more enflamed. On June 16, Joe Biden signed into law the Supreme Court Police Parity Act, providing security for the immediate families of the nine justices and other officers of the court. Although many would argue that gathering to protest around a Supreme Court Justices home is already a violation of the law because it seeks to intimidate and sway a judge.

Everyone is racing to weigh in on the conversation, from Disney saying it would cover the cost of employees who need to travel to access abortions, to Patagonia saying they will cover the cost of bail for employees who join the protests.

But many are hoping the chaos will calm down and that people will address the abortion issue at the state level.
When President Trump was asked how his pro-choice supporters would react he told Fox News:
“I think, in the end, this is something that will work out for everybody.”
“This brings everything back to the states where it has always belonged,”

When asked about his role in the groundbreaking decision Friday, and appointing three conservative justices to the high court, all of whom voted to overturn Roe V Wade, Donald Trump did not take credit instead he simply said “God made the decision.”

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