Who wants to go to Paris? Between terror attacks and individual attacks on random people, it’s madness. With the huge influx of Muslims and other refugees, the streets have become dangerous with pockets of roaming refugees. While the French authorities aren’t releasing information on the man who sprayed acid on American tourists, you have to wonder who is slowly killing France…

Official data shows the number of foreign tourists fell sharply in France in the second quarter of the year (2016), during a period  after November’s terror attacks. Paris alone has lost more than 1.5 Million visitors. Expect that to continue to fall sharply as the crime ridden terror ravaged open bordered EU State of France continues to degenerate further under EU Puppet Macron.


Two female American tourists suffered facial injuries in an acid attack that left two others nursing burns, outside a train station in Marseille.

The four tourists, in their early twenties, were travelling between Marseilles and Paris when a 41-year-old man sprayed them with hydrochloric acid, according to reports.

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It is understood the tourists were in gare Saint-Charles station just after 11am this morning when the attacker struck.

Two American tourists, aged 20 and 21, have had acid hurled into their faces outside Marseille train station this morning, according to reports

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All four of those involved in the incident were thought to be American women, and they were travelling as a party.

The acid was thought to be in a spray canister sold in DIY shops for cleaning purposes.

Local media say the acid hit two girls in the face leaving them with facial burns, while two others are in shock.

According to reports, a 41-year-old man was arrested by police and the two tourists were taken to hospital.

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