The Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker surprised the media today when he made a statement during the White House press conference with Sarah Sanders. Devin Nunes just gave an update on the Russia investigation on Sunday (see video below) so it’s interesting that we have this update today.

The press conference was the first in a while and included Steve Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross who announced the US will block $7 billion in assets of Venezuela’s state-run oil company.

Acting AG Whitaker had this to say on the Russia investigation:

“I’ve been fully briefed on the investigation…I look forward to Director Mueller delivering the final report…and I am really not going to talk about an open and ongoing investigation otherwise but sort of the statements I’ve made were as a private citizen on only publically available information. I’m comfortable that the decisions that were made are going to be reviewed through the various means we have.”

“The investigation is, I think, close to being completed, and I hope that we can get the report from [Special Counsel] Mueller as soon as we — as possible.”

Devin Nunes spoke with Maria Bartiromo about the Mueller investigation:

The Mueller team is at the “bottom of the barrel” with the arrest of Roger Stone.


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