During a conference call on July 10th (around the same time that Christine Blasey Ford’s letter was sent to Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein) Ricki Seidman, a Democrat operative, former Clinton White House official and advisor to Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, admitted to a strategy Democrats had to destroy the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.

Ricki Seidman, who has a history of working for male politicians who either grope little girls, have been accused of raping women, or even better, working for a prominent Democrat Senator who left a woman he was having an affair with, to drown in his vehicle as he walked away.

In 2008, Seidman took a leave of absence from her role at TDS Communications to work on Barack Obama’s campaign, where she served at gropin’ Joe Biden’s communications director. In addition to working for the accused rapist and serial sexual predator, Bill Clinton, in the White House, she also worked for the notorious womanizer and adulterer, Senator Ted Kennedy, and in the Clinton- Al Gore “war room”, another high-profile Democrat who allegedly cheated on his wife Tipper.

In her profile at TDS Communications, Seidman is identified as a seasoned veteran with broad experience in communications and general strategy. Her specialties include solving short and long-term communications challenges, developing public affairs strategies, campaign planning and execution, crisis management, litigation support, media training, and reputation management.

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The woman who discussed the plan to take down Judge Kavanaugh also assisted the White House in the successful confirmation effort for President Obama’s first nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor.

Politico reported on Thursday that Seidman, who also advised Anita Hill to testify against Clarence Thomas in 1991, is giving advice to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

On July 10, Seidman said on a conference call with the American Constitution Society that she believed a “strategy will emerge” that would upend Kavanaugh’s nomination. Audio of the call was recorded and uploaded by the GOP on Thursday.

During her interview, Seidman was asked to offer some perspective about how Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination could be stopped. Seidman was asked about some of the “best tools that Democrats have” to defeat the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the  US Supreme Court.

Seidman bragged about how Democrats were able to successfully destroy the nomination of Robert Bork in 1987. Seidman then admitted that the retirement of the moderate US Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy caught them “flat-footed”.

Seidman then dropped a bombshell…

“But, I do think that over the coming days and weeks, there will be a strategy that will emerge, and I think it’s possible that that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee.”

Christine Blasey Ford’s advisor continued, with another very telling statement. The former Clinton White House official told the interviewer that regardless if they are successful in their plot to thwart Kavanaugh’s nomination, or not, that it will ultimately drive the left to the polls: “And, um, whether or not it ultimately defeats the nominee, it will ultimately help people to understand why it’s so important that they vote, and the deeper principles that are involved in it.” 


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