This is what having no borders gets you. Yet another case of “immigrant” violence and possibly sexual assault. This guy was in it Italy illegally and living with his brother. There are still many questions in this case but the investigators know for sure this beautiful American artist died a very violent death. The immigrant situation in Italy has been a problem just like in Germany. African and Middle Eastern “refugees” are flooding the cities. Mostly young men are coming and they have idle time so that’s a recipe for disaster. 

An illegal immigrant has confessed to killing American artist Ashley Olsen in her Italian apartment, who was punched and strangled with a USB cord in what police say was a jealous ‘drug-fueled’ frenzy
Cheik Tidiane Diaw, 25, told officers he strangled Olsen after the pair had sex when she told him he had to leave because her boyfriend was coming back.
The Senegalese man was caught because of DNA evidence from a used condom and cigarette found in the toilet – which he had tried to flush away unsuccessfully.
Italian police said they had to swoop on him quickly because they feared he was about to flee Florence.
The chief prosecutor said that the alleged murderer had initially given a false alibi to police when he was first questioned. He was freed but then re-arrested when his DNA was matched.
Olsen, whose funeral will be held in the Italian city tomorrow, suffered two fractures to the skull and was strangled with a USB cord.
She met her alleged killer at the Montecarla club, notorious for sex and drugs, and left together at 5.30am, when they went to her apartment.
The victim did not leave the club alone, as previously thought, and Diaw’s confession suggests that the police’s initial finding of a ‘consensual’ kinky sex game before her death may have been wrong.
Olsen’s body was found on Saturday by her boyfriend, who was concerned he had not heard from her. He desperately tried to revive her but it was too late. Her beloved dog was at her side in its own urine and feces, and is now being cared for by her family.
At a press conference today in Florence, the chief prosecutor Giuseppe Creazzo said: ‘We think sexual relations occurred before the homicide, not during it.
‘We do not know whether they took drugs together before she was killed but we are awaiting the results of analysis,’ he added.


Police found a used condom and cigarette in the victim’s toilet which helped identify the suspect.
The killer had attempted to flush the condom and cigarette down the lavatory, investigators said, but the flush had failed and the objects were recovered by the forensic team.
Diaw is also alleged to have taken her phone from the scene of the crime and placed his own SIM card inside it.
He told police that her death was the result of a fight after having consensual sex.
According to police, he told interrogators: ‘She told me to leave and that her boyfriend was coming and she pushed me to the door.’
He then said that he punched her in the head, screaming ‘you have treated me like a dog’.
Olsen fell back, got up and tried to push him away. He shoved her back and she fell and struck her head, fracturing her skull in two places.
But he denied intentionally strangling Olsen, insisting that the marks around her neck were created when he tried to pull her up.
‘It is likely that the killer and victim were not lucid at the time of the murder,’ The Chief Prosecutor, Giuseppe Creazzo, said.
‘We have reason to believe that they took substances that made them not lucid. Alcohol for sure, maybe other substances.
‘We will know more when the drugs tests on Ashley come back.’


Illegal: Diaw had entered Italy as little as two months ago illegally from Senegal and posted pictures on social media suggesting he was happy to be there. Prosecutors said they did not believe believe he knew Olsen before their night together.


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