Just a poor persecuted Christian Muslim woman who came to through Mexico hoping to make it through our porous borders. Nothing to see here…

What appears to be the first Syrian immigrant apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley is in Customs and Border Protection custody.

The woman tried to cross the Hidalgo International Bridge last week. She is currently seeking asylum.

A U.S. citizen is charged with misuse of a passport for trying to bring his 27-year-old sister-in-law to the U.S.

According to the criminal complaint, Mohammad Ziad Alzalam traveled to Beruit with his wife’s passport. He met his sister-in-law there. Walaa Alrehawi used her sister’s passport to travel from Beruit, Lebanon to Frankfurt, Germany to Cancun, Mexico then to the Rio Grande Valley border.



Alrehawi is a citizen of Syria. Her sister is a U.S. citizen living in Philadelphia.

The complaint stated that Alrehawi crossed the Hidalgo bridge on foot and told customs officers she was requesting asylum. At the same time, Alzalam was trying to cross the bridge in a vehicle.

He was referred for a secondary inspection where officers found female clothing in his luggage. At first, the two denied knowing each other.

Alzalam told officers his wife was in Cancun, but officers made contact with her in Philadelphia. That was when the two admitted their true relationship, and how Alrehawi used her sister’s passport to travel through Europe.

On Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry announced the U.S. will accept 85,000 refugees from around the world next year. Many of them would be from Syria. In 2017 that number will rise to 100,000.

The President recently said he wanted the U.S. to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees.


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