A ratings win happened Monday evening between the Newsmax show “Greg Kelly Reports”  and “The Story with Martha MacCallum” on Fox (pictured below).

Great news for the emerging news network but some of the usual suspects are bitter about the ratings win.

Newsmax hit a nerve with CNN political hack anchor Brian Stelter (pictured below) who wrote a scathing article about a first-time ratings win by Newsmax over Fox News:

“Viewers who were frustrated when Fox admitted the truth of Trump’s loss sought other options. Trump encouraged them to try Newsmax.
Newsmax — and Kelly in particular — offered a safe space where Biden was not called president-elect, and Trump was not yet defeated.”

The leftist activist anchor couldn’t help but be spiteful. It’s how he rolls. Stelter claimed Trump supporters went over to Newsmax because Fox told the truth that “Trump lost.” He’s got it all wrong. Stelter calls the evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election a “conspiracy theory.” What he doesn’t understand is that the American people are seeing who is being truthful to them, and it isn’t Fox News.

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From the time Fox News turned on President Trump until the last straw when they called Arizona for Biden on election night, it was over between America and Fox News. They lied and broke the trust of their viewers. Now, Fox News is dead to Trump supporters, and that is why Newsmax and OANN are our choices.

The truth that Fox News refuses to report on is the mountains of evidence of voter fraud. It’s there, and it’s obvious, but it gets in the way of the anti-Trump media and Washington Deep State agenda, who work hand in hand.

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Keep it up, Newsmax and OANN!


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